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Building the Hangman Game using ScalaZ ZIO

Let's learn the use of IO Monad with this fun game

Dependency injection of Akka Actors with Google Guice

use Google Guice with Akka Actors

Replace SprayTestKit with a simple Scala DSL

Build a custom DSL through functional programming

Reading and Writing data into RabbitMQ using Alpakka

Part III of the series on Alpakka

Stream Avro Records into Kafka using Avro4s and Akka Streams Kafka

Continuing our quest to learn Akka Streams, we'll stream some Avro records into a Kafka Topic and then read them as well

Alpakka File CSV and ElasticSearch Connectors

Let us look at the File, CSV and ElasticSearch Connectors of Alpakka.

Getting Started with ElasticSearch using Scala and Elastic4s

ElasticSearch is a pretty interesting search technology and I wanted to see how can Scala applicaitons leaverage the power of Elastic Search

Scanning Cassandra Tables with Alpakka

Scan entire Cassandra Tables with ease with Alpakka

Implicit Resolution Gotcha

While working on Slick and interesting scenario of implicit resolution came up